2011 Season 1 comes to an end.

We have finished our first season! 9 players managing to finish all the required games and a couple coming close (especially Gav and Andrew S). What was also suprising were how good the scores were! Final standings & average scores for season 1 (completed 10 rounds):

1. Ryan Males 51.1
2. Brad Smith 52.1
3. Malcolm Hogg 53.1 (2 Aces included, freak!)
4. Andrew Costas 53.5
5. Lionel Spilkin 54.3
6. Marc Lewis 55.1
7. Nic van Niekerk 56.4
8. Lionel Lourie 57.6
9. Mervyn Yan 65.9

Along with the finishers we introduced a couple of new people throughout the season and we look forward to the numbers growing for season 2.



Special thanks to Merv for being the webmaster for the season and to Malcolm for doing trophies/bag tags/keyrings. Both of you have done an awesome job.

We now have a month break from seriaaaz league (SA Open will happen in this time) We will play friendly games on weekends, this Sunday we will have fun doubles/team play at 14h30.We are also meeting at Paddy’s after the game. If you want to be involved with the new season in any way join us for a chat and a drink as we work on roles for the new season, and how to make dgleague.co.za even better

Well done to all our super-star-sub-par-uber-golfers, but in the words of steady Ed Headrick; “He who has the most fun wins”. As competitive as league play is, fun is still the goal we achieve every single game. Cant wait for season 2!


About Andrew Sutherland

Managing Director at Bigmouth Studios South Africa. Husband, Father, Voice Actor, Disc Golfer, Boardgamer and Designer.
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