We have madmen in our midst!

A running disc golf experiment by Lionel and Nick L

Running Disc Golf? No way.

Where is the leisurely stroll and peaceful non sticky male bonding, discussions on flight characteristics of various discs, sipping from your beer, calm visualisation of your next drive, arguments over who goes first? Dudes I know It sounds like an abomination! But consider this. What if you are in training for a nationals frisbee tournament and you have to run? Never mind tournaments, what if you want to get fit? Would you rather jog along doing nothing or throw a disc and run? It’s a no brainer.

Nick Langley and I met to try it out yesterday, what an experience, it was hilarious, enervating, joyful, we both agreed that we had so much fun that we never want to go on a normal run again! We also considered that when we get fitter we can foresee the time when we will be doing 36 holes in under an hour. We are thinking about a fun way of making it competitive, playing the shots you take up against the time you take.

Let me describe it.

6 PM- Orange light, pretty sky, We teed off alternately, Nick went wide and I landed 20 metres from the basket, We started running simultaneously disc or two in each hand and no other baggage, due to my more direct drive I pulled ahead and parred after a good approach, immediately breaking into a run for the next T,.Nick bogeyed behind me but was hot on my heels, at the T I dropped my discs and drove for basket number two, realising that the time taken to finish watching the flight of the disc and then picking up the discs had allowed Nick to catch up. Clearly if you throw properly you run less and are quicker to reach the basket. I took off like a baited hare but peeled off to the right when Nick bellowed “FORE” I needn’t have worried, he put a perfect forehand drive just behind the tree. (we agreed later that if you hit your fellow player you lose the game). It was at that point I realised how important it was to mark your disk properly as I lost precious seconds searching for it – I parred and he bogied again but we were neck and neck. This time we both drove almost simultaneously for basket 3 but I kept my disks in hand and ran the moment I was finished, Nick turned to pick up his discs and I gained a few meters which I badly needed due to the fact that he is fitter than me(but not prettier).

At T 3 we both looked at each other and the words fun, awesome were used in between some heavy breathing which was caused by the exertion and not the fact that we were looking at each other, the fun was magnified for me by a good drive and a birdie put, Nick bogeyed sitting at plus three. heh heh. the long hole four saw him bogey again and I parred but he had pulled ahead, I birdied the short hole for what was a great start, wow, minus two and Nick was on plus three, loser. That’s when it all started to go wrong for me, by hole 10 I was two over and he was getting the occasional birdie, he also seemed to be graciously waiting for the panting old man to catch up. By hole 17 we were neck and neck but Nick bogeyed on 18 so I pipped him at the post but he was definitely faster than me. We ran back to the car to check the time, less than half an hour, there was still light enough to do another 18 holes, NOT…..yet.

Thanks Nick for being so gung ho and such a flying disc enthusiast. My first running disc golf experience will never be forgotten. F*ck yeah! the next running DG session is next tuesday 5.45 PM, and then the next Thursday at the same time. Come train with us! Oh.. see you on Sunday morning for a “normal” round. Look forward to it.
Regards Lionel


About Andrew Sutherland

Managing Director at Bigmouth Studios South Africa. Husband, Father, Voice Actor, Disc Golfer, Boardgamer and Designer.
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One Response to We have madmen in our midst!

  1. JD says:

    Try these rules. Been playing running disc in ATX for years:
    JD Speed Disc Golf Rules

    The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the shortest amount of time with the fewest number of throws of the disc.

    Match Play Method (2-3 Players)
    1) Suggested pre-match warm up
    One Lonestar Tallboy downed within 5 minutes of the initial tee-off
    2) Game Rules
    A) Clock starts when the first player tees off.
    B) After teeing off, players cannot pass the tee box until the last player has teed off.
    C) When the disc is released; a player must have at least one supporting point that is in contact with the playing surface on the line of play and within 1.5 meters directly behind the marker disc, When putting (within 10 meters), the players chest must remain behind the marker disc until after the disc is released.
    D) Players running in front of players throwing, do so at there own risk.
    E) Players throwing should always avoid throwing at or near other players in the spirit of sportsmanship.
    F) The winner of the hole is determined by the lowest score. If both players score the same, the player whose disc settles in the basket first wins the hole. Ties go to the player who teed off first.
    G) The player winning the hole has the first right to tee off on the next hole. This right is forfeited in the event of loitering to the extent that another player reaches the next tee box greater than 10 meters in front of the player winning the previous hole.
    H) A player that determines that the hole is unwinnable can pick up and run to the next tee-box at his/her own discretion without penalty. However, this player must tee off last on the subsequent hole.
    I) Player with the greatest number of holes won is the winner.
    J) Alternate Scoring by time:
    Clock stops when the last player in contention for a hole removes his disc from the basket. Overall time is determined for each player by the total playing time plus 30 seconds for every stroke (throw) over par. Scoring by time is more often
    used for the single disc runner version of the game.
    K) Lost discs players are responsible for finding their own discs but other player(s) can and should assist in finding discs in the spirit of sportsmanship and keeping game moving.
    L) – 1 stroke penalty for losing a disc (nobody wants to lose a disc).
    M) Whenever rules are not stated defer to the best interpretation of the PDGA Official rules and definitions for Non-speed disc golf
    3) Post game cool down or interim match requirement/
    One Lonestar Tallboy downed within 5 minutes of the last basket.

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