A New Pro League Ranking System

Hey Disc Golfers!

Please have a read through the following and cast your vote on the poll at the bottom.

Score Based System

Your ranking is determined by score only. Best player wins.

Points-Based System

This system rewards players with points per hole depending on what they score. It is similar to the score based system, except scores of 5+ do not rewards points. Basically, you get points for playing well, but are not penalised for playing bad.

Ace = 4 points, Birdie = 3 points, Par = 2 points, Bogey = 1 point, Double Bogey+ = 0 points

You also get 2 bonus points for each hole you win outright. ie. You have the best score on the hole that is at least a par and not tied with anyone.

The player with the most points wins. Because of the outright win bonus points, this may not neccesarily be the player with the best score 🙂

Handicap System

Your handicap is determined based on your best 5 scores on each course from the previous season and a base limit of 42 (a score that is lower than the best score ever for the course) by using the following formula:

HC = (YOUR AVERAGE – BASE LIMIT) * 0.8, with a maximum HC of 24

Example1:  54 – 42 = 12 * 0.8 = 9.6, rounded to an HC of 10

Example2: 61 – 42 = 19 * 0.8 = 15.2, rounded to an HC of 15

Example3: 72- 42 = 30 * 0.8 = HC of 24

Example4: 86 – 42 = 44 * 0.8 = 35.2, adjusted to an HC of 24 (the maximum)

This handicap is then applied to your scores and the total average is adjusted. This allows players of all skill level to have a chance at the prize-winning spots as the adjusted scores will be much closer. Please note that everyone will have their scores adjusted so basically you’ll need to play at least as good as your average or better to rank higher.
Please vote below for what you’d prefer:


About Andrew Sutherland

Managing Director at Bigmouth Studios South Africa. Husband, Father, Voice Actor, Disc Golfer, Boardgamer and Designer.
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