Season 5 Fun Day – 9th June 2013

Hi All,

So Season 5 has come to an end, I’m just waiting for a couple more scorecards to finalize the tables.

This weekend, Sunday the 9th June is the Season End Fun Day & Prizegiving. Bring friends, family, dogs, cats (well, maybe not cats, but anyway) and pull in for a fun round at 10:30 (we’ll probably play team doubles  format) followed by chow and prizes from 12. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce new players to the sport.

Braai’s have been a bit tricky in the past so I suggest that we do a picnic style lunch this time. That way everyone can bring whatever they like and we don’t have to stress about catering and lugging braai’s around.

Don’t forget to diarise these 2013 DGLeague DATES!


About Andrew Sutherland

Managing Director at Bigmouth Studios South Africa. Husband, Father, Voice Actor, Disc Golfer, Boardgamer and Designer.
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