Loerie Park

The Loerie Park course in Randpark Ridge is a beginner friendly 9-hole course. It’s  holes are much shorter than Delta Park, but more challenging in that you have to shape your shots to get around trees and obstacles. There are no baskets here and holes are played against trees.
Please note that this course is not used that often and tree markings may have disappeared.

4 Responses to Loerie Park

  1. Hannah Bothma says:

    Does this course have proper baskets?

  2. Hi Hannah, the only course with baskets is at Delta Park.The loerie park course was set up more as a tester course to try spread the game out of delta, and we play against marked trees there. The markings have probably faded by now as we haven’t played there in nearly a year.

  3. Hannah Bothma says:

    Ok cool thanks for the info. Checked out Delta park on Monday, and attempted to play the old course. It was our first time at the park though, so we were a little lost. Will go back and check out the new course.

  4. yea, it would be best to play with one of the league guys a couple times to learn the tees and targets, especially on old course. We play every Sunday at 8 and 10 and would be happy to show you the courses.

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