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8 Responses to Forum

  1. Secret practice - name witheld says:

    Went for “secret practice” in the park yesterday. Why am I much better in practice than on the course? Do you guys use voodoo on the course?

  2. JC says:

    Where can I buy discs in Jozi?

  3. Dylan says:

    I’d like to join the mailing list but I get no response from the google group application methods. Martin’s email address comes back as undeliverable. Can anyone help out?

  4. gottafixit says:

    Have a decent layover in Johannesburg on my way back to the US on Tuesday 4/4/16. Was hoping someone might like to show a fellow disc golfer a fun afternoon. If your free and interested please get in touch.

  5. My son, Matthew Dickson, is a big participant in disc golf in America. He flies around America with his driver and putter, playing the game. He introduced me to this great sport. I have lived in Cape Town for 26 years, but we have little here for the sport. Good to see that someone has taken it upon themselves to do the website. I would like to play here, but cannot find a place. My son even sent me back with the discs with which to play. Anyone know of a course in Cape Town?

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