Basic Guidelines

Games are played on Sunday at 9:00am (Early Rounds) and 11:00am (Late Rounds). Players are encouraged to try arrive 15min early for rounds.
Each of our Seasons have 20 early and 20 late games. Of each time slot there are 10 games on New Course and 10 games on Old Course. All that is required is a minimum of 3 players for each tee-time for it to count as an official league round.
The current season’s schedule can be found here.
Completing the season constitutes playing 5 games on each course. If a player plays more than 5 on a course, only the best 5 are counted. Scheduled rounds that are not played due to bad weather or lack of players can be played at a later stage and scorecards submitted, provided it is arranged with DGLeague Admin.
Meet at Delta Park Environmental Centre (central parking lot). Social players play for free and can join the league at any time they would like to contribute towards the league, monitor their performance and help disc golf to grow.

Specific Delta Park Disc Golf Rules

Out of bounds is over any fence (perimeter or bird sanctuary), or ON or over the path in the Sasol garden. Drop a shot and play your next throw from where the disc entered out of bounds
The 2 metre rule is not in effect for any tree’s. If a Disc lands in a tree, play it from directly below, do not drop a shot.
When playing a stroke you may NOT break or move branches to create a line for yourself. One exception is within 10 metres of the basket where you may may break branches below 2m (Try and contribute to course maintenance by doing this during your round whether it affects your putt or not).
For tree targets the disc must make contact with the tree between the lines. Hitting the line is considered in.

General Disc Golf Rules

We play according to the current PDGA rules. The ‘position you play from’ is listed below for your convenience
A disc marker may be used, place a mini disc directly in front of your disc, otherwise use your landed disc as a marker
Your planting foot for your next shot must be DIRECTLY in line with your marker, up to a maximum of 30 centimetres behind the disc.
Your other foot may be placed anywhere as long as its not closer to the target than your plant foot.
When further than 10 metres from the target you may step forward past your marker once you have released the disc
He who has the most fun wins! – Steady Ed Headrick

League Divisions & Registration

There are 2 Divisions within the league, CASUAL and PRO. The CASUAL division is FREE of charge. Anyone wishing to play in the PRO Division will be required to pay R100 in League fees per season which goes toward:
  • Maintenance of the Courses/Baskets
  • Trophies, Prizes & Certificates
  • This Website
  • Ace Pot Payouts at League End (10% of your R100 fee is put towards this prize)
  • Other League Costs if any arise
Players have 4 weeks from the start of the season to pay league fees, thereafter a penalty charge of R20 will apply and the total will be R120. Pay early and save! New players that join the PRO league after the initial 4 weeks will be exempt of the penalty.
PRO Division Players automatically qualify for prizes/trophies if they play the required number of games for the season. CASUAL players do not qualify.
CASUAL Players may choose to go PRO at any point in the season by paying the fee. Until your PRO Division fees are paid in full, you will be considered a CASUAL player.

League Tiers

It has been suggested that we tier PRO League Players into groups. This is currently in discussion and rules applying to this method with be posted as they are finalized.

The Ace Pot

PRO League players have an additional incentive on top of prizes. 10% of your R100 League Fee goes towards filling the ACE POT. The Ace Pot Money will then be split equally amongst all players who score aces in the season. For example if 20 players each pay their league fee, there is an Ace Pot of R200 to be won! The total ace pot money will be split as many ways as there are aces scored.
Any Ace Pot money left over at the end of the season will be used to cover costs at the end of season fun day, pay for prizes and certificates and improve the course and baskets.

Pro League Ranking

Pro League uses a Score Based System with your best 5 scores on each course counting. The combined average is your ranking score. For 2014 Season 8, we will be using the Handicap Ranking Scoring System with ties being broken with the Points Based Scoring System.

Qualification for Prizes

  • Players must be in the PRO Division, ie paid their league fee of R100.
  • Players must complete a minimum of 5 rounds (25% of scheduled rounds) per course to complete their season.
  • Players who complete more than 5 rounds on each course will count their best 5 scores.