Points-Based Scoring and Ranking System

This system rewards players with points per hole depending on what they score. It is similar to the score based system, except scores of 5+ do not reward points. Basically, you get points for playing well, but are not penalised for playing bad.
Ace = 4 points, Birdie = 3 points, Par = 2 points, Bogey = 1 point, Double Bogey+ = 0 points
You also get 2 bonus points for each hole you win outright in the round over all groups. ie. You have the best score on the hole that is at least a par and not tied with anyone.
Points are totalled over all the rounds you play in the season then averaged by the numbers of rounds you played.
The player with the most points wins. Because of the outright win bonus points, this may not necessarily be the player with the best average score.